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Home Staging

Is it really necessary to stage?



2. Makes MLS pictures more appealing. Did you know, in a NAR Profile of Buyers, 84% of buyers reported listing photos to be the most useful information? Your listing photos carry more weight than facts such as square footage or number of bathrooms. The first impression is the only impression, and we only get one chance to get this right. If your pictures don't create an emotional connection with a buyer, they will scratch your listing off their list and move on to the next one. 

3. High ROI. Staging is an investment. Yes. However it is hands down one of the smartest investments you can make. Like anything in life, you need to spend money to make money, and you will definitely get a higher bid on a staged home vs a vacant is simply a fact. Again, our goal is to maximize your profits when selling your home. We will only suggest things that would be beneficial to you in the long run.  The average ROI for home staging is 586%. That is right..586%!!! 


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