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Have a Question for Us? Check Out Our Top 4 FAQs...

I think the biggest misconception for home stagers is that anyone can decorate a house...but that's not what staging is exactly. Yes, staging is decorating. but it is also marketing and psychology. Our goal is to neutralize your home to attract to the most amount of buyers and to sell quickly, for the highest value!

FAQ #1: How do I know if I need home staging services?

Are you thinking about listing your home? If so, a consultation at minimum is invaluable. I am a straight shooter and will tell you exactly what will bring value when it is time to list. We cover everything from updating paint colors, hardware, lighting and carpet to room layouts that highlights your homes features, what items to move, and what items are needed. We also offer Photo Enhancements (art, accessories, soft goods, greenery, lamps for rent) to really elevate your listing.

FAQ #2: What happens during a home staging consultation?

Our Home Staging Consultations are action packed!

When I arrive, I will walk through the home by myself, taking photos and making mental notes. I act as a potential buyer, and note things that I would see as a benefit to you to make changes to, update or rearrange. After my walk through, I will walk room by room with the seller giving my "in an ideal world, this is what I would like to see" professional advice. After we are done, you may be totally overwhelmed, and that's normal! Moving is HARD and a LOT of work! We will write down your Top 10 list and you tackle what you can!

FAQ #3: Is home staging the same as decorating?

Home staging is NOT the same as decorating. Decorating/designing to live and decorating/designing to sell are 2 very different things. With decorating, we want to create a space tailored to the homeowner, whereas staging is tailored to attracting potential buyers. We stage to sell, not stage to live (however we do offer redesign services too if you are looking for ideas for your own living space!)

FAQ #4: What locations do you serve?

We are located in Blaine, MN but we provide services all over the Twin Cities area! We also offer virtual consultations, which work just like our in person consultations except we do it virtually! Oh, and we also offer e-Design services!

If you have additional questions we didn't answer in this post, reach out to us. We would love to chat and answer those questions!



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